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“We are the delighted owners of a water colour by Crystal Deshaies.  I met Crystal at an art show several summers ago and commissioned her to 'paint' our home in celebration of our 40th anniversary.  Her approach to our yard was very detailed - taking several rolls of photos of everything.  Crystal incorporated many fine details and a wonderful sense of whimsy into the picture.  Our friends enjoy finding new things in the picture each time they view it.  This is most certainly a family heriloom as we've lived in this home 33 years.  We love it.”
Joanne Carter

"We were first introduced to Crystal's paintings at an art show inour community. We were immediately drawn to her work BCuse of her beautiful sense of composition and her mastery of the medium of watercolour. Her attention to detail and vibrant colours along with her whimsical composition make a winning combination. Crystal is very easy to work with and thorough in her preparation for painting a family/architectural portrait which has special meaning for her
clients and us in particular. Crystal's painting of our house, kids, and pets, hangs proudly over our fireplace and we consider it to be a family heirloom that will be passed on through many generations. Thank you Crystal,"
Grant and Lee Carrier

"We just love our our portrait! I'm an artist too, and I find the colours new, fresh, uplifting, energizing, and at the same time calming.The likeness makes me feel warm and happy, BCuse it captures Jolie somehow in the quality of the brushstrokes, and gives me a sense of well-being, capturing the happiness I feel as her Mom. Sounds corny, but it's true! Thanks Crystal!"
Nicole Griffin, White Rock, BC Canada

“My husband and I have admired Crystal's work since seeing an article about her work in the Vancouver Sun. We contacted her sometime later and commissioned her to do an original painting of our house. We love the picture! She painted our yard at its spring best, the rhododendrons in full bloom. The scene includes some of our favourite pets from the past. I know Crystal worked very long and hard to get my husband's beloved cat just right. This painting occupies a special place in our home. Our children also each have a print hanging in their homes to remind them of the house they grew up in.”
Gloria Reinheimer, South Surrey, BC Canada

"When we first saw Crystal‚s work we knew that this was what we wanted to conserve our memories, and to show how our lives and the garden evolved ,from the sixties through the eighties. We are delighted with the result and how Crystal managed to incorporate so much detail, including past pets and family members into the portrait.  It now proudly hangs in our dining room. Once again, thank you very much for the beautiful portrait"
The Mollers, White Rock, BC Canada

"Crystal, I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our painting. Doug has hung it above our family room fireplace and we are thrilled! The painting and the framing turned out great. We had 12 for dinner on Christmas Day, and everyone was admiring it. The painting is everything, and more than what we expected!"
Barb Vincent, North Vancouver, BC Canada

"Crystal's sensitive attention to detail enabled her to paint my home, life and pets in a charmingly whimsical, yet bold and colourful style-all portrayed perfectly. I'm very happy with the way she captured my memories and a very big chapter in our lives."
Abbey Armstrong, Vancouver, BC Canada

"We love looking at our portrait we commissioned Crystal to do. It captured the beautiful little cottage we had fallen in love with in West Vancouver. She included all the details in the garden, and found a way to represent family members in symbolic ways: a Queen Bee and Angel for our daughters; and our son loved spinning records, so Crystal painted gold musical notes floating from his bedroom window. We also included our beloved Sheltie and Multi-Poo."
Christa Caruk, West Vancouver, BC Canada

"Crystal captured the very spirit of our home & with her added touch of whimsy we are delighted with the result. The picture will be a real treasure to pass on to our daughter & her children. It's hung in our family room and we look at it often. Thank you so much Crystal."
Lisa Peterson, Ocean Park BC Canada

"I am the very proud owner of two of Crystal Deshaies home and garden portraits - one of our family home and one of my husband's childhood home. Crystal's work is so much more than just a copy of a house (a photo could do the same), her paintings are filled with everything that makes an ordinary house into a home. She captured all of our feelings, our memories, and the love of our home on canvas - in glorious colour - what a gift! The joy and pleasure these paintings bring me every day are immeasurable.
Crystal is a very gifted and talented artist and I have no hesitation in recommending her work to anyone - the experience will be incredible."
Judith Gardiner

"In 2003, I had been trying to think of a perfect retirement present for my husband. As he is extremely proud of our home and its garden, and we both love it, and I felt this would be a perfect gift. Crystal put a lot of effort into creating our keepsake, including coming to the house several times, taking many photos of the garden in different stages in order to get it exactly right. She made an effort to find out what exactly it was that we loved about this property, asking me about the feeling I wanted to capture and which specific elements were important to us. With her amazing talent she was able to incorporate the aspects of our property that were most special to us-the privacy, the hot tub, the greenery-and she used colors which evoked the serenity that our property brings into our busy lives. In the end the result was absolutely perfect, exactly what I wanted. She was always on time with her sketches and the painting progressed as I wanted it to. She was agreeable to making a few small changes and kept to the time schedule I required in order to surprise my husband with this gift. We also received a smaller version of the painting and a CD with smaller copies of the painting to use as gift cards. I would highly recommend the experience of having a property portrait done by Crystal. It is a unique gift, one created by an artist of great sensitivity and talent. Our home portrait has a place of honour in our home, and it is noticed and commented on by everyone who views it."
Lesley Hames, Ocean Park BC Canada