Creative Process for Home and Garden Portraits & Winsome Portraits

Descriptions of Creative Process for Home & Garden Portraits, Winsome Portraits, and Pricing


A Garden in Scotland

original painting 40"x30" format

Home and Garden Portraits

As a collaborative project between artist and client, there are three steps:

1. Initial Meeting

  • At your home, we discuss elements to be embraced in your Home and Garden Portrait, the view/composition, and general colour palette. I take notes, and many photos to capture all the details.The paintings take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to complete, depending on details, complexity of composition; and if it is a larger format.

    Here are a few of the many photos, (aprox 300 shots taken for reference and study), in the creation of this home portrait in Crescent Beach/White Rock, BC, Canada. The house looks exactly like itself, except it is "illuminated" to show a narrative of the family's life.These photos are normally taken on the first meeting, after discussing the compositional details and elements to be included with my clients. (Or, on a sunnier day).


Beloved dog's House Anchorage Image  Anchorage Image  Anchorage Image Beloved Dog
AnchorageRef  Anchorage Image  Anchorage Image
          A snapshot from the early 70's                                                       Old beloved bike                        Hedge moved in the painting below to allow view of property


2. Second Meeting

  • As an ideal element of the process, a finished drawing of the composition is presented
    and any minor changes can be made. Original drawing created on a 30"x40" sheet of velum.


Anchorage Drawing

3. Third Meeting


  • Finished Painting is presented (original work 30"x40" format, on 300lb Arches rag paper.) A number of different views and perspectives are incorporated in the painting. For example, the beach is one block away, and, ever present every day, it is placed in the front of the composition. We can also see around corners--all composed in one view. The Adarondac chair seen through the gate is the same chair as on the left, behind the Great Blue Heron, which does live in the cedar tree, second from the left, his mate flying home in the distance.

home in Crescent Beach

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Pricing and Quoting for Home and Garden Portraits and Winsome Portraits

"How Much is a Ring?"

A customized Home and Garden Portrait can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to complete. Because this is highly customized work, prices will naturally vary according to the complexity and elements included in the painting. We will discuss and agree upon your budget and price range when we meet, and a letter of agreement will follow.

  • Payments are done in three steps:

1.  deposit on first meeting  2.  another draw on presentation of drawing   3. balance upon completion


(*When I begin your project will depend on how many clients waiting; I work on one project at a time only.)


  •  The price range for a 22"x30"  Portrait is approx. $1500-$5000, the average price is approx. $3000-$4000
  • The price range for a 30"x40" is approximately $4500-$10,000, with the average price approximately $4500-$6000. The higher prices ranges reflect more compositional complexity, and general density of detail; for example, the composition includes several perspective views and portraiture
  • I will give you a quote at our first meeting. For the best result, latitude is given in a quote, and a price range will be given, ie., a Min. and Max price
  • Care is taken to come in under the Maximum price quoted. From start to finish they take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to complete for Home


Digital Painting

house in Shaugnessay


Winsome Portraits

I meet with you to take photos of your loved one or pet. Or I can work from a favourite photo that is also a good likeness.

Paintings focused on portraiture can be done in acrylc style on canvas.



Portrait of the girls Watercolour

See another portrait in this style.