Copyright © 2019 Crystal Deshaies
Richmond, Vancouver, BC
watercolour, mixed media on paper     22" x 30"
Featured is the "Queen Elizabeth" rose, a favourite. This is a composite over time of the family home. Chronicled are the family pets, the wonderful time by the pool and the incredibly beautiful and detailed garden. The house is no more, and the artist worked from a series of snapshots taken over a span of three decades, from the early sixties into the eighties. There were no complete shots of the house, so the perspective and view of the painting were re-composed by the artist. Important and cherished objects have been recorded: look closely you'll see the family trailer, where many happy holidays were enjoyed. Pets included are the floppy-eared bunnies, the many, many guinea pigs, beloved Golden Retrievers, the visiting cat, Great Blue Heron and raccoons.

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