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Mt. Seymour Provincial Park historic cabin
watercolour, mixed media on paper.     30"x40"
This family are the stewards of the recreational park and ski area on top of Mt. Seymour.

The snow on Mt. Seymour can go as high as the top windows, and although they love snow, they wanted to create a colourful summer scene with wildflowers along with their canine friends.

The beautifully atmospheric setting of their house has been the set of many movies over the years, and as you can see, it is often a movie on its own! Some of the characters shown in the painting: the Stellar's Jay—naturally stealing blueberries, which grow everywhere; a very sweet Whiskey Jack, who will happily hop onto your hand—and the wonderful "swooooosh" of the Raven's wings as you go for a hike. Off in the distance, you can see Mom and her cubs on their way to other parts of Blueberry Heaven, under the still ski lifts.

There is some artistic license taken, and we can see a number of views seen fromt the top of Seymour, including the lift and ski run, as well as the view of the Fraser Valley and Mt. Baker in the distance.

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